Hotel Phone System

Contacting staff around the premises

We integrate the phones that  allows the guest to communicate with staff around the property at no charge as well as transfer calls if need be. 

Keeping costs down

Rather than put new phones in the rooms we only replaced the ones necessary as they were still in working order and looked as new.

Better call handling 

Here we installed an Auto Attendant that now acts as a backup for staff answering the phone. Rather than staff having to stop a call to answer another, or interrupt a guest, the Auto Attendant now answers after 6 rings and says "Thank you for calling ABC Hotel, your call is important and we will be with you in a moment". This ensures they never miss calls, and it sounds incredibly professional.

Integrating with Front Desk

The  phone system package has been designed to integrate with a whole host of front of house packages for accommodation venues. This means that you can print, on a normal printer, the clients phone bills as well as a whole host of other features like turning phones on and off with the click of a button, wake up calls, mini bar charges and so much more.

We installed Voicemail so that customers now leave messages for a specific person should they need to. They no longer have to take messages for each other and this has saved time and money!

Answering machine after hours

The Auto Attendant now also professionally answers after hours. The system can even answer multiple calls at once and callers leave messages that a nominated staff member listens to every morning. This has stopped callers ringing at all time of the night! If it is an emergency callers can still be transferred through to the managers.


Additional features offered by Hotel Phone System


Guests can receive messages in their voice-mail box or as a message from, for example, the front-desk or concierge, all indicated by the phone’s message lamp. Message retrieval is as easy as one touch on the handsets for either guest or front desk staff. Once the message has been retrieved the light on the phone handset is extinguished.

On check-out, any remaining voice messages are automatically erased from the integrated messaging system.


Guests can either program their own wake-up call or have the front desk do it for them. A wake-up message can be played to the guest.


Guests can easily call friends or colleagues staying in the hotel by simply dialling their room number. This feature can be enabled or disabled on a room, group or system basis to suit your preferences.


Guests can activate ‘do not disturb’ feature on their extension preventing incoming calls. Alternatively calls can be forwarded to the guests mailbox. In cases of an emergency the ‘do not disturb’ feature may be overridden by front desk.


Guest rooms can be called directly by outside parties, which is particularly useful in long-stay businesses such as nursing homes, retirement complexes, or serviced apartments.


This child monitoring facility provides peace of mind for guests. Guests can listen in to their room to hear what’s going on.


Recorded information about hotel services may be made available to guests. Guests can access this information at the touch of a button.


Guests may be assigned various levels of access to telephone functions and outgoing call destinations. You can easily restrict any type of call you want to on a room by room basis. This is typically done at check-in but can be modified easily at any time.


Guests can be checked -in and out easily and efficiently. Guest name can be entered at time of check-in and this information can be displayed each time a call is made to or from a guest room.

Class of service (COS) of guest phone may also be set at check-in and this may be changed at any time. At check-out COS is automatically returned to default and all guest messages are erased from the integrated voice message system. Payment method, room rate and prepaid call amount are some of the other features that can also be entered at check-in.


Rooms can be checked from front desk to see if room is clean or requires servicing. The room attendant can update the status of the room from the guest room phone once they have completed any tasks.


Calls to service stations - front desks, bar, room service etc. Can display the guest name & room number.


Enables calls to be re-routed to a cheaper route or carrier, while the guest bill states the actual number dialed and the cost of the more expensive carrier. This can provide greater margins on calls.


The Hotel Phone System allows you to exercise front desk functionality at points other than the actual front desk area.


Room extension numbering may be matched to actual room number (up to 4 digits).


Hotel facilities such as Restaurant, Front Desk, Concierge, Porter, Housekeeping etc can be assigned single-digit access from guest phones.


In situations where a prepaid call limit is required by management, the Front Desk can enter an exact dollar amount. Once the limit is reached, the guest room phone is barred to further outgoing calls until the credit limit is renewed. (When connected to a front office system, this status is reviewed and changed easily).


Messages can be transferred from one mailbox to another in case of room changes.