Donation Hotline

System Overview  -  Accept Donations 24/7

Multi-Language Support

Voice response can integrate with the phone system in several languages call for more detail and available languages.  

Real-time Credit Card Processing

For declined cards and failed transactions customer has the option to reenter additional card information.

Direct Deposit to your Bank

Save time and money processing and depositing checks to your bank account.


Donations Amounts can Be Fixed or Free Form

For reoccurring donations customers have the option to set a monthly charge and amount of months to be charged.

Donations are tracked by Phone Number

Customer enters basic information only at the initial donation, customers do not have to reenter all information for additional donation.


Online Portal for Reporting

Maximize you campaign with the best results by reviewing call logs, donation amounts, customers geographical locations.

Emailed Notification

Notifications can be set for a verity of options for example if there are issues with the phone lines or any other technical issues or for notifications for every incoming call.