Shop by Phone

Overview Of the Shopping Phone Ordering System

Ordering system
The client calls, enters a catalog number using the push buttons on their phone, an immediately hears whether the article is in stock or not. Also included is an automated information service that advises the customer, via text message, when the product is available again – this feature improves customer retention and loyalty.

Payment service
From the menu, a customer can choose a one-off debit by entering and confirming the customer number and amount. Since the phone system has a connection to the back office systems, all details regarding the customer and article file can be checked and confirmed. Customers have access to the most current information and can easily choose whether to pay or return ordered goods.

Status deliveries
Via the system customers can ask for the status of outstanding deliveries. The coupling of the application to the storage file in the back office provides the caller with current information about articles that are temporarily not in stock.

Return service
By using the push buttons on a phone, information like customer number, data and part of the day can be entered for the return service. By using a database, information such as Name, Address and City can be collected and added to a file that is sent to the freight carrier. The goods to be returned will then be collected from the customer at the chosen date and time.

What  Are Additional Features of the Phone Shopping System?

  • Collect caller information
  • Check product availability
  • Calculate total price including tax, shipping, etc.
  • Provide shipping and tracking information

Order information can be transferred to any sales organization. Product status and availability can be checked against inventories. Pricing can likewise be checked and provided to the caller. Once an order has been processed, the caller can be notified with a phone call indicating order status information. Caller can likewise call an 800 number to get shipping and delivery information.

All of these functions can be performed automatically using the Shopping Phone System technology.