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Moishe Grunstein, MCP, MCSE


Think Creatively - Solve Problems - Deliver Results


Area Of Expertise

Professional Profile


Systems Administrations

  • Experienced and credentialed technology professional and entrepreneur
  • Ensure optimal system performance, rapid turnaround, and complete customer satisfaction

Network Consulting And Network Engineering

Provide leading-edge systems integration, networking services, technical support, Internet hosting, web page design, and e-mail systems. Operate within a variety of industries: insurance, real estate, education, construction, medical billing, accounting, finance, appraisal, and imports. Keep abreast of constant changes in technology, mastering new systems through intense self-study.

Network Architecture


Network Message Architecture

Work with passion, vigor, and absolute professionalism. Have been described by customers and colleagues as a genius in technology… imaginative… dedicated… hardworking… patient… great eye for detail… motivated… original... accessible.

NT Administration

Believe that success in business means success in exceeding customers’ expectations on every project. Put in any hours necessary, use network of resources to get best solutions at best prices, involve other professionals when needed, and — most importantly — listen and react to the customers’ needs and concerns. Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

LAN And WAN Management


Technical Supports

Certification - MCP, MCSE, ID #1006965

MS Exchange Specialization

  • Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 [Win 95-Windows 11]
  • Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 [2000-2022]

Network Inegratiion

  • Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise Edition, [Sever 2000-2022]
  • Internet Working with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT4.0 and Later.

Client / Server Accounting

  • Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, [2000 - 2019 & Office 365]
  • Microsoft Networking Essentials.



Business Experience

  Tornado Computer Systems, Inc. President, Owner, and Founder.

Tornado Computer Systems, a networking VAR and consulting firm, provides an array of services to small and mid-sized firms in a variety of industries. Services include technical support, systems integration, networking services, Internet hosting, web page design, VOIP and e-mail systems. As owner, plan and manage every aspect of business including sales, technical issues, and customer relations. Founded company in 1994, incorporated in 1997, and continue as President.




Vast knowledge in every aspect of hardware, software, and networking keeps clients at the pinnacle of technology, ensuring optimal system performance contributing to a profitable bottom-line and a happy customer. Listen to customer needs and base proposals strictly on what is essential to the customer — size, technical needs, budget, etc. This customer-driven strategy has built a successful referral-only business.


Deliver lightening-fast turnaround, limited downtime, and increased productivity using ability to find in-stock products, extensive connections with computer parts distributors, Internet product-search skills, and enrollments in vendor back-up support programs that enhance troubleshooting.


Use broad knowledge of computers and related products to enable delivery of manageable projects, even for clients with limited funds. Endeavor to reduce financial strain when necessary by using competitive products, servicing system remotely, and training employees on basic technical issues to avoid expensive future service calls so that clients receive custom tailored, affordable systems.

  Technology Skills
  • Have developed hundreds of systems / networks.
  • Create and manage user permissions, login scripts, profiles, policies, and domain trusts.
  • Implement migrations.
  • Configure routers including the use of NAT, RIP protocol, and port mappings.
  • Implement RAS for remote users.
  • Install server components and software.
  • Implement TCP/IP protocol including use of DHCP / WINS / DNS and subnet masks.
  • Troubleshoot server and network bottlenecks, including use of SNMP and performance monitors.
  • Configure Ethernet / Fast Ethernet / Token Ring / FDDI / ArcNet.
  • Implement and manage fault tolerance and disaster recovery systems.
  • Implement directory replications.
  • Implement Network Gateways.
  • Implement MS Exchange server including migrations, replications, public folders, newsgroups, firewalls, chat services, message tracking, and backup / restore.
  • Use internet information server including SSL, logging, authentication, and restricting IP addresses.
  • Implement and Support MS proxy server.
  • Design LAN / WAN, including the creation of network diagrams using Visio.
  • Database design and administration.

  Hardware, Software, and Protocols



PC hardware — CPUs… motherboards… IDE and SCSI devices… memory… VGA cards… printers… scanners… sound cards… universal power supplies… I/O ports… DMA channels… IRQ settings… com ports… jumper settings. Network Interface Cards… hubs… bridges… switches… routers… CSU/DSU… cabling… print servers… network storage devices… backup devices… RAID controllers… file and print servers… database servers… application servers


DOS… Windows 3.1… Windows 95… Windows 98… Microsoft Office… Lotus Smart Suite… Corel Word Perfect Suite… Microsoft Internet Explorer… Microsoft Outlook… Microsoft Front Page… Peachtree… Daceasy… Quickbooks… Quicken… Microsoft Money… GEAC Construction Manager… AMS Agena for Windows. Microsoft Windows NT Workstation… NT Server 3.5/4.0… Novell Netware… Microsoft Exchange… Proxy… IIS… SQL


TCP/IP… Nwlink, IPX/SPX, … Netbeui… DLC… Appletalk… Telnet… FTP… SMTP… POP3… IMAP4… SNMP. Ethernet… Token Ring… Fast Ethernet… ArcNet… FDDI


Moishe Grunstein


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