Jail Phone System

Attention Jails
Provide Unlimited Calling to Your Inmates with Jail Phone

Jail Phone provides jails with an affordable, easy to use, safe calling platform for inmates. Jail Phone gives greater insight into who the inmates are calling and how much time they are on the phone. Jail Phone provides features to limit call duration and or numbers based on jailers preferences.

Here is a list of our most popular camper phone features.


  • No more calling cards issues, blocked by pay phones or not clear
  • Can restrict calling hours
  • Can block calls to numbers
  • Can receive a detailed report of each inmates calls
  • Can provide access for jailers directors to monitor and record calls
  • Can provide speed dials to specific numbers, e.g. 911, nurse, etc.
  • Can control where incoming calls ring to at different times of day
  • Manual call routing override.
  • Phone System for jail Office
  • Paging System integration
  • Automated billing system & pin activation
  • Unlimited US calling
  • All hardware and maintenance included
  • Much more…


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